👋 Hi! Scott J. Forman here, the person whose website this is.

You might know me as the founder of Vote Forward, a nonprofit that works to increase civic participation by organizing volunteers to send handwritten letters to their fellow citizens. Since 2018, more than a quarter million people have written letters, a total of more than 30 million of them.

Earlier in my career I was among the first employees at Opower where I helped develop software-powered direct mail programs that have, to date, saved the world 31 terawatt-hours of energy.

My brother once characterized me as an “accomplished indoorsman.” More recently, I’ve become a sort of intermediate outdoorsman.

I’ll write posts on this site about both indoors and out-of-doors. Topics may include meditation, backpacking, piano practice, books, politics, and my own explorations and experiments.

I have a particular interest in the human implications of technology, and in how technology can be used to promote human thriving.

I live in beautiful downtown Oakland, CA.